Mind Thought Consciousness


Mind Thought Consciousness

When I try, I don’t show up, it makes sense,
Not yet, is lost time, path of most resistance.
Three actions in grey, vanilla and beige,
Loss of my colours, I’m stuck in a rage.
It’s my thoughts that create my reality,
Avoiding the here and now, with its duality.

Stuck in my thinking for a whole day,
How on earth am I going to make that pay.
Get on with it now and do your stuff,
Can’t seem to move, I think and feel so rough.
My head will explode with all this thought,
Feelings so raw, In my head I am caught.

Get over yourself I hear you cry,
I agree, but I can’t seem to comply.
Knowing it’s just thought gives me comfort,
One good sleep away from a brand new start.
The damage is done to my body again,
I punish it well, it seems to numb the pain.

Misplaced logic for me, I am supposed to be bright,
I have thought like this and I know it’s not right.
The best place for me is in actionville,
Moping around in my thoughts dampens my will.
How do I best get rid of my procastination,
By doing what I love, and showing my creation.

Acceptance of mind and the creative spark,
Will lead me to the light and away from the dark.
The results will come, when you put in the work,
Follow your heart and no more talk.
Less of the TRYangle, set your Mark,
More of the DOangle, reset the dark.

Three ways to look at you, from a different angle,
Permission to breathe, this clue I dangle.
Settle your mind and feel your greatness,
Conscious in the moment, alleviates the stress.
The beauty of life is there to behold,
This way of life is truth, and it never gets old

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