Make your environment work FOR you – not AGAINST you


Week 4

STEP 10: Motivation Make your environment work FOR you – not AGAINST you

What are the obstacles to the success of your goals in your environment right now? It’s no good having a cupboard full of crisps and biscuits and ‘triggers’ when your outcome is to radically improve the health of your diet. Optimising your environment means optimising it for success. If your goal was to vastly improve your productivity and get a project done fast – you would for example, Turn your phone off, close your office door, eliminate distracting websites from your browser, gather everything you need for the task in one place where you are free to focus and get to it. Avoid the social events and situations that are high risk, until they aren’t high risk anymore.

STEP 11: Hang out with the right people

Are you spending time with people and groups that support and encourage what you are working towards? Keto Fitness Club is an excellent resource for just that. You don’t need to abandon your friends and family every time you have a new goal. But finding like minded people and groups that are engaged in the same pursuit as you has a multitude of positive effects. You can learn about what does and doesn’t work from real people. You can pick up useful tips and techniques. And you can reinforce the compelling nature of what you’re doing by sharing and acknowledging collective success. Nurturing and encouragement leads to growth – so find a supportive culture you can join, or build one yourself to help in the pursuit of what you want most.

STEP 12: Don’t wait until tomorrow – set your action plan for tomorrow, tonight

If you want to be stay motivated, don’t start the day without a clear idea of what you want to achieve by the end of it. And the best time to do that? The night before. Give yourself a few moments to relax, and wash away the cares of the day – perhaps with some exercise, a bath or some meditation.

My 3 minute meditation is ideal – click here

Whatever works for you. Then take the time to think through what your priorities should be for the next day. Write down what you want to get done – then prioritise in order of importance to you. That way, you create a filter of what to say YES to and what to say NO to throughout your day. This will keep you focused on your most important tasks – and help you build momentum without getting distracted by less important busy-work.

STEP 13: Less is more – the Pareto Equation

You don’t need to achieve 100 things to make significant progress toward your outcomes. You just need to achieve the few things that actually matter and make the most difference. The Pareto equation is a general rule that says 20% of your efforts will lead to 80% of your results. So where are you spending your time? On the low-impact 80% of tasks and activities that are only going to produce 20% of your results? Or on the high-impact 20% of tasks and activities that are going to produce 80% of your results?

Task: Here are two questions to help you assess any task: Assess the consequences – on a blank sheet of paper answer these questions.

Ask yourself “What will happen if I don’t do this? Is it worth putting off something important to do it?” Assess the benefit.

Ask yourself “Will I definitely use this information/task for something immediate and important?”

STEP 14: Saying NO – the simple secret to exceptional focus

The most powerful technique for time management and exponential focus is really easy: say NO. Specifically, say NO to shallow work so that you can say YES to deep work. 1. Deep Work: Mentally demanding tasks that require you to focus without distraction and apply hard-to-replicate skills. 2. Shallow Work: Logistical tasks that do not require intense focus or the application of hard-to-replicate skills.

STEP 15: The power of Acting AS IF – and taking action right now

A powerful frame in NLP is to ACT AS IF – as if you already are the person who embodies the outcome of your goal, and you’re just waiting for reality to catch up. For example, if I’m unhealthy and I want to make my way to healthy, it means acting as if I AM healthy. Walk like a healthy person, talk like a healthy person, dress like a healthy person, make decisions as if I were a healthy person, act as if I AM HEALTHY in everything but name only. This has a number of powerful psychological influences. The first influence is on you. By acting AS IF you are already modelling the desired outcome – and then adjusting your behaviour, your thinking and your mindset to suit – these are the very things that will produce your outcome. The second influence is on others. By and large, people treat you the way you treat yourself. For example, if you are looking for a job then all things being equal the candidate who already embodies that role is going to stand out as the candidate most fitting for the role.


Conclusion: Motivation is a process that puts YOU in control

Many of us confuse motivation with excitement. But motivation is not an emotion, it’s a process. And as such, you can control it. Even the biggest outcome is achievable. All it takes is focus, a shift in mindset, and the setting of smaller achievable goals on a path that you can commit to wholeheartedly.

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