If I ever leave this world alive


If I ever leave this world alive

If only I had me to support and guide,

Life would be easier and full of pride.

Truth of the matter is I do have me,

But I need to get out of the way to see.

How wonderful a place this world can be,

Once you get rid of the ass holes including me.

Self employed in sabotaging my mind,

To others I am supportive and really kind.

To myself a critic with no pulled punches,

Making decisions based in my credit crunches.

Low mood will get you if you give it traction,

Selfishly fulfilling its desire for no action.

You’ve done all the things that it needs to survive,

No sleep and indulgence will cause the nose dive.

Over thinking and projecting from a place so dark,

Your conditioning and shame has left it’s mark.

Topped up with life’s challenges, to ram it home,

All that is left is for you to do, is worry and moan.

In its morbid grip there is no place to go,

Hopelessness and fear become the show.

Looking for answers in your head there is none,

Keep building an argument until you are done.

Convince yourself that this is the way forward,

Moving away from life and not toward.

If I ever get out of this world alive,

I want my legacy to be love not just survive.

My thinking is missing the obvious link,

I only experience my life through what i think.

Knowing this now is a brilliant game changer,

Life is for living and not to avoid  danger.

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