One to One Coaching


Learning from each other, building a supportive network.

As a Transformational coach working online, I work with groups, guiding people on their thinking journey. I help them to gain their own insight into living a more joyful, energetic, healthy balanced lifestyle, all in the context of their Nutrition, Movement and especially their Thinking.

I have been on that journey too. I achieved the clarity and insight that allowed me to heal my body and have a peaceful mind. I cannot do anxiety anymore and I just show up in the world and notice how I feel and do not care what I think.

Coaching in groups using all the Techniques as an NLP Master Practitioner, helps people to move forward to an inside out understanding, which will transform their lives beyond all expectations, from a place of fearful thinking, which steals their joy and inner peace.

People will always do better when they feel better and the only thing between that and a beautiful life, is their conditioned, insecure, habitual thinking. I will point you in the direction of operating more in your common sense, your wisdom and your feeling state.

Working online and in groups can really help with self enquiry and sharing our mutual human experience, that will lead to a connected and common sense intention to help and serve each other.


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