On Your Marks Transformational Coaching

Live without being overwhelmed and stuck in anxious and insecure thinking.

Emotional Wellbeing Coach and Mentor

One to One


During our conversations you will discover the principles of wellbeing and how to live your life the best way for you.



Working online and in groups can really help with self enquiry.

Sharing our mutual human experience that will lead to a connected and a common sense intention to help and serve each other

Webinars, Talks


I have been delivering my talks in the manufacturing and corporate worlds,  universities, the service sector, prison wardens and to the Keto Fitness Club. The formats can be tailored to suit your needs.

Ian McGill

About Me

Let me share with you how to be a happy person and live guided by your intuition, by your innate wisdom and with common sense.
Transformational Coaching. I specialise in helping people overcome challenges like stress, anxiety, loss, fear, grief, relationship problems, phobias and depression to name a few. I love guiding my clients from their overwhelm to their own resiliency, towards peace of mind, towards a truly joyful and balanced life.

I'm here to help you in a practical way to uncover the best version of yourself. I have a profound confidence in you and your inner wisdom. And you can count on my compassion, honesty, non-judgement, warmth and cheerfulness. But most of all, my desire to hear you and help you. The people I have worked with now feel connected to their innate wellbeing, inner peace and they tell me life is easier, better, more content and way more enjoyable.

Ian McGill Transformational Coach


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